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Shipping to Cuba


Six World Shipping has been operating in Cuba since 2010.  Our company offers airfreight & sea freight services from the United States into Cuba.  Our company also holds a U.S. Dept. of Commerce export license for the legal transport of Gift Parcels from the United States into Cuba.

Our company provides weekly air freight (direct & non-direct flights) from Miami International Airport to several international airports in Cuba.  The service can accommodate cartons, boxes, palletized cargo, refrigerated products (only chilled temperatures), and crated shipments. 

We can assist in the transport of humanitarian goods, religious donations, non-government (NGO) supplies, Bibles, medical equipment and medicines, licensed commercial merchandise, samples and diplomatic/consular items to Cuba.  Please contact our offices for a list of eligible commodities and the proper manner to transport them to Cuba.


In addition, we offer ocean freight services from five (5) different U.S. seaports into the port terminals of Havana & Santiago de Cuba.  This service can accommodate all the sanctioned items listed above.  Moreover, we can position the containers at your facility for easier & more efficient loading.


Our Gift Parcel service is limited to Cuban individuals & families.  Our company specializes in large items such as home appliances, furniture, large vehicle parts, excercise equipment, kitchen and bathroom appliances, home water heaters, electronics, home theater equipment, and other large home improvement items.

In addition, Six World Shipping offers residential delivery for air freight items to the customer's home in Havana (other airports are limited to recovery from the customs terminal).

 This service is processed through the Customs Department of Cuba; therefore, the recipient will be responsible for paying any duties if assessed.  Duties are paid in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC).  Gift Parcels can only be consigned to individuals and cannot exceed a commercial value of US$200.00.